Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer RY-F600

Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer



The machine employs high-speed image processing technology and special positioning technology, allowing the total process of fusion splicing to be finished within 10 seconds. Large-screen LCD clearly demonstrates every stage of optical-fiber fusion splicing. As the machine is compact in size, light in weight, it is ideal to work in outdoor environment. In addition, it is easy to operate, fuses fast, with low fusion loss, especially suitable for the construction and maintenance of the optical-fiber works built in a wide range of sectors including telecommunications, broadcast & TV, railway, petrochem, electricity, army, police, as well as teaching and research of scientific institutes. In order to finish the fusion operations more accurately, please thoroughly read this Manual.


Handy, easy-to-carry, solid and durable

Color LCD

Data can be uploaded to PC via USB cable

Intelligent power volume indicator and auto power-off at low voltage

Visual interface

Built-in heater

It provides a wide range of fusion and heating parameters for your choice.


Built-in light (make optical-fiber placement more convenient)




SM(single-mode), MM(Multi-mode), DS(Dispersion displacement), NZDS(Non-zero dispersion displacement)

Splice loss

0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS)

Return loss

Greater than 60dB

Operation mode

Full auto, semi-auto, manual

Average splicing time


Average heating time


Fiber aligning method

Core aligning, clad aligning

Fiber diameter

Cladding diameter80 ~150µm , Coating diameter100 ~1000μm

Fiber cleaved length

1016mm(coating diameter:250μm) ; 16mm(coating diameter: 2501000μm)

Lens magnification

Vertical double display: 310x; horizontal double display, 155x


High-definition 5.1” 640*480 LCD provides fine and clear images

Tension test

Standard 2N(optional)

Heat shrinkable tube

60mm, 40mm and a series heat shrinkable tube

Battery capacity

Typical: 250 times of splice, it takes 3.0 hours to fully charge it (the machine is operable during charging process)

Battery life

300500 charging cycles

Power volume display

Real-time power volume display in the screen

Electrode life

Typical 5000times, customer can change electrode by himself

Optical-fiber clamp

New design allows optical-fiber positioning to be easier and more accurately.

Construction lighting

Built-in high-brightness, wide-range light substantially increases easiness of construction at night.

External ports

Standard USB port

Power supply

Built-in 11.8V lithium battery; external adapter, input: AC100-240V, output: DC12.6V/5.0A

Operating conditions

temperature: -10℃+50℃; humidity: 95RH(40℃, no condensation); height: 05000m above sea level




2.4kg(exclusive of battery), 2.9kg(inclusive of battery)

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