Our Partner

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partnership


GUANGZHOU QINZHUOMIN TELECOM EQUIPMENT offers tailored-made manufacturing processes to address the unique requirements of our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. Our professional team dedicated to deliver innovative, turnkey solutions in collaborative partnerships with our OEM customers.


Our objective is to help OEM business partners on optimizing overall efficiency through streamlining cost structure, reducing time to market cycle, and excelling manufacturing excellence.


Flexible Manufacturing Process 


We offer flexible manufacturing processes to address your unique requirement. We work flexibly to comply with various industry standards, such as IEC/CEO, Telcordia, JIS, etc.


Strategic partnership


We are strong in defining a unique value-for-money product & service offering that fit into each respective customer's business strategy. Once clearly defined, we will integrate the critical supply chain to support our customer's business achievement. Our 20 years' goodwill in integrity and management practice has earned us trust and respect from our customers, to take us as a strategic partner in this respect.


Professional Team


Our professional team in handling OEM business committed to provide customers with unsurpassed quality products, as well as professional service and support exceed your expectation.

Our success derived from our strong commitment in delivering superior professional services to our customers. We have proven as a valuable partner to our customers, and grow our business together. We believe in supporting future prosperity of our customers is key to our continued success.


R&D Support


Product development is our critical value edge. We have a dedicated R&D team to enable ongoing development of our products and service solutions. Our active participation in designing and developing new solutions to meet our customers' emerging needs has made us at the forefront of latest market applications.


Capacity Scalability


Our capacity scalability accommodates your business growth and short lead-time cycle. Our factory is set-up in an expandable manner. You can easily enjoy the advantage of this highly flexible capacity arrangement to eliminate your risk of funding new technology and setting-up fixed modern facilities.


To understand how partnering with Optec to strengthen your market position and to accelerate your success, please contact our professional team for details.