Guangzhou Qinzhuomin telecom Equipment co.,ltd. Is a professional manufacturer and supplier specialized in fiber optical communication products, we mainly deal with fiber optic patch cords, pigtails, connectors, adapters, attenuators, and ODN products .

Company Overview


Guangzhou Qinzhuomin Telecom Equipment co.,ltd. Is a professional manufacturer and supplier specialized in fiber optical communication products, we mainly deal with fiber optic patch cords, pigtails, connectors, adapters, attenuators, and ODN products .


In the past several years, based on the market trend, our company has been assessed and certified as the requirements of ISO9001 system and been known for high-end product quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service. Our company has established the long-term relations with  BEL(Alcatel-Lucent) .China PTAC .China mobile .and so on .We do our best to provide competitive quality products . reduce the customer purchasing cost .guarantee delivery .Wish to establish the long-term  strategic cooperative relations with customers & partners achieve a win-win situation . 




Our team comprises of professionals from various industry segments of telecom and datacom markets, with fruitful experience in reputable interconnect companies, equipment manufacturers, system integrators and service providers.


Our philosophy is to foster expertise from different areas and backgrounds onto our established precision engineering platform, in order to provide competitive products to meet market needs.


We believe that quality and mindset of our employees are important to our Company's success. Therefore, we strongly emphasize on employee developments, and to equip them with the best knowledge and skills. We strive to provide satisfactory products and services that exceed our customers' expectations. We focus on continuous improvements in product developments and manufacturing processes so that we can provide the most competitive products and supports to our customers.


Core Value


Our corporate culture is essential in grooming and fostering a shared belief of our team towards our practice. There are the Six Core Values that form the fundamental guiding principle to our beliefs:


Innovation          We foster a culture that embraces creativity and new ideas to achieve the future success.


Customer Orientation    We strive to continuously exceed our customers' expectations


Integrity               We honor our commitments to our employees, strategic partners and shareholders.


Teamwork          We believe in working cohesively to achieve our shared vision and goals.


Care & Respect We believe our employees are our value resources.


Pursuit of excellence      We are persistent in achieving the best in everything we do.


We are committed to provide an environment and a platform that will enable our team, our partners and our customers to achieve an optimal win-win situation for all parties concerned.


Our Market


To perform business activities strategically, an intensive communication network of high reliability is crucial. The communication needs of private enterprises require higher capacities and better integration capabilities, converging data, voice, and video streams to a single platform. Most organizations have been adding capacity to their data network by upgrading networking equipments and devices, while upgrading equipments is just a first step to go, to aligning with high performance fiber optic cabling is the only way to have network performance optimization. Guangzhou huanxiang telecom’s highly reliable fiber optic interconnects and assembly products serve the needs.


Guangzhou Zhuomin telecom’s comprehensive range of fiber optic interconnect and assembly products serve extensive enterprise optical network applications, which includes:


Local Area Networks (LANs)


Storage Area Networks (SANs)


Data Center Structured Cabling


Video over IP Networks


Our interconnect solutions are flexible enough to fit for customer's application design. At the same time we provide very high levels of reliability and design flexibility to easily accommodate individual needs of each enterprise network deployment.


Apart from the 10 Gigabit network structure which has become the current fashion, we are also well prepared for a series of next generation interconnect solutions, that will be ideal for future upgrade into 40Gig / 100Gig infrastructure application.


Our Facility


                Guangzhou Zhuomin telecom  investment in the state-of-the-art production facility represents a long-term commitment to our customers and business partners. In 2007, we relocated to a newly built factory with total floor area of 6017 square meters. The new facility is 2.5 times of our previous site, which provides excellent scalability to accommodate our customers' growth. 


The new facility will be equipped with a more comprehensive portfolio of top-notch facility and testing instruments. This will enlarge and strengthen our scope of product and service offerings in the future.


OD Measuring Microscope         


Multi-Fiber Interferometer


Polishing of multi-fiber MTP items          


Polishing of single-fiber items


IL/RL testing by RX/RM Test System       


Endface inspection by video microscope


Geometry testing by Interferometer     


Ferrule end-face inspection